Final proofing

NewCap can supply a complete range of proofing systems; we have a solution for every situation. The NewCap proofing systems are custom-made and contribute towards a safe production process!


Step proofer

The top of the range is our Step proofer. This proofer has up-going and down-going sections, the so called paternoster principle. The solid and compact design of the step proofing cabinet enables you to make full use of the available height in your building, while occupying a minimum of floor space. The step proofing cabinet is suitable for production lines with both a high and low capacity and for different types of baking forms or peel boards.


Racetrack proofer

The racetrack proofing system is a flexible proofing system for production lines with a low to medium capacity. The system is suitable for baking forms of different sizes.
The shape of your racetrack proofing cabinet can be altered to fit the available room in your production environment.


Step proofer Multi Deck

The Step proofer Multi Deck consists of a number of conveyors on top of each other. By using an elevator each conveyor is filled up with baking forms/sheets step-by-step. After the set proofing time has elapsed the conveyors are unloaded again according to the FIFO principle. The Step proofer Multi Deck is mostly used for the proofing of dough products in long sized baking forms or onto large peel boards for free standing types of products