Cooling & Freezing

Over the years, we have developed various solutions for cooling and freezing your products effectively and efficiently. We can deliver our cooling systems with an insulated and/or enclosed housing and with the corresponding clima unit. Our solutions include:

• Spiral cooling/freezing system
• Linear cooling system
• Step cooling/freezing system (on racks or baking forms/trays)
Vacuum Cooling & Baking


Spiral cooling / freezing system
The NewCap spiral tower is an efficient, flexible and hygienic solution for the food industry.
Our spiral tower is suitable for either cooling or freezing. As with all our systems, we design the spiral tower to meet your specifications, taking into account your processes, products, desired capacity and available space.


Linear cooling system
Our linear cooling system is the most popular among our customers. Because it is modular, we can adapt the cooling system to the available space in your bakery.
The conveyor belt operates without changing over any products and consists of several levels. These levels are linked together, one on top of the other. We can install our linear cooling system on your bakery floor or even hang it from the ceiling.


Step cooling / freezing system (on racks or baking forms/trays)
Your products are cooled or frozen on racks. These racks stand still throughout the entire process, keeping your products in exactly the same position as they were during placement; for example, by the depanner. When the racks of products are cooled/frozen, they go through the step system and are eventually unloaded by means of a rack unloading system. You can choose to have the racks cleaned automatically after each production or set the cleaning frequency yourself.


By cooling or freezing the products on baking forms or trays, the products go through the step system and, after cooling or freezing, to the depanning system. If you want to utilize different types of baking forms during production, the forms’ measurements must be the same in length.


This solid design of our NewCap step cooling/freezing system enables you to make full use of the available height in your building. The step cooler/freezer is suitable for both high and low capacity production lines and for different types of baking forms. You can also ask us to deliver our step system with a special ‘’buffer’’ function by way of a movable overhead nock conveyor.


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