Pan handling

At NewCap, we are experts in storage solutions for your baking forms! We can offer you an appropriate solution for every storage situation:



The RoboGrip is a flexible and efficient storage & buffer system for baking trays, baking forms or lids. The machine is suitable for medium to high capacity production lines. Baking forms or lids are removed from the product line by means of a Robot arm and placed on the floor or storage racks.


Robot storage system 

If you have a wide variety of baking trays and/or lids, the Robot storage system is probably the best solution. The robot will provide you with a fully automatic baking form storage and buffer system even if you are producing at huge capacity.



The paternoster principle was the inspiration for the StepStore design. The machine operates as a storage and buffer unit for baking trays, interconnected baking forms or lids. The machine is especially suitable for mono-production lines where only one type of baking form is used.

Automatic production lines require, cost-effective conveyor systems. NewCap supplies a wide range of conveyor belts for moving baking forms, baking trays and peel boards.


We design tailored conveyor belt systems to meet your specific wishes and requirements. We constantly strive to optimize quality, reliability, user friendliness and flexibility. NewCap designs conveyor belts for a wide range of applications, including dividing, combining, moving up, moving down or indexing.

Pan Greasing is a critical step in baking. By greasing the baking forms, depanning can be done easily.


Our greasing solutions guarantee accuracy by exact positioning and are developed to minimize over spraying. In addition our greasing solutions are executed with vapour screens to ensure a clean environment.

NewCap has several solutions for lid handling:


In-line lid-handling machine

We recommend using our in-line lid-handling machine for a production line with a medium to high capacity. This is a magnetic conveyor belt.


Pick’n Place machine

Use this machine in a production line with a low to medium capacity. The lids are picked and placed one by one on the baking trays before or after the dough has risen and then removed again one by one after the baking process has finished.



The crème de la crème in lid handling is working with a robot. We can offer appropriate solutions for various capacities. This Robocap also enables different types of lids to be handled and, if required, to store the lids in the robot warehouse.

NewCap has several solutions for loading and unloading ovens regardless brand types or models. Our solutions are highly accessible and easy to maintain, besides they are bread & dough friendly.


Universal Loader/Unloader

Our standard oven loaders and unloaders are universal machines that insert or remove baking forms into or from any oven. The machines can be used in all production processes ranging from loaves of bread to buns and rolls, baguettes, puff pastry and other similar products.


Scrabble Loader/Unloader

This machine is suitable for all products proofed on a peel board that need to be baked on the floor of the oven. The unit nibbles the risen dough pieces from the peel boards and deposits them onto the oven floor in a dough friendly way.


Combination scrabble belt

This scrabble belt has a built-in pusher bar enabling it to load the oven with individual pieces of dough and with baking trays.


Elevator Loader / Unloader
In front of a multi-deck oven we have our elevator system which can feed each deck of the oven and after baking a second elevator system will unload each oven deck and bring the baking forms to a depanner system or when products are baked directly on the oven belt to a product discharge conveyor.

In order to make the proofing process controllable, it is necessary to cool the hot baking forms down. Therefore cooling tunnels get integrated into our conveyor solutions. 


Powerful ventilators blow a large amount of air through the cooling tunnels, to reach the required temperature of the baking forms. The stainless steel cooling tunnels are highly accessible and easy to clean.

We can recommend the following equipment for cleaning your baking forms:


CleanCap baking form cleaner

Our baking form cleaner enables you to clean baking trays or pan straps during the production process. The baking form cleaner blows the debris out of the baking forms by means of an air knife. This debris is collected in a container.


Brush unit 

The brush unit is a cleaning unit for removing crumbs and seeds from flat baking trays or peel boards. A rotating brush, brushes the crumbs and seeds off the baking tray into a container under the conveyor belt.

At NewCap, we do everything in our power to ensure your line runs as smooth as possible. That’s why we designed and developed the Bread in Pan (BIP) Detection system. We can install a BIP system in your line to help you avoid stacking problems. When there is bread left in the baking form after depanning, an electric photo sensor detects it and pushes that baking form out of the line. The other baking forms do not need to be stopped during checking; they can continue to move.

Another innovative solution we offer at NewCap is the Double Dough Detection (DDD) system. An electric photo sensor enables you to detect when two portions of dough, or no dough at all, are placed in a baking form. The DDD scans each baking form as it passes by. When the electric photo sensor detects double dough portions or does not detect any dough at all, that baking form will get rejected and marked to be removed from the line.

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