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Tin bread

At NewCap, we manufacture advanced, fully-automatic tin-baked bread production lines. Our expertise and daily innovation ensure your custom-made tin-baked bread production line is assembled in the most efficient way possible, complying with the highest quality requirements and offering maximum flexibility. We offer a broad range of tin-baked bread production lines that vary in capacity from 1,500 to 10,000 loaves per hour or more.


Artisan bread

The NewCap Artisan bread production lines enable you to make your bread taste as it was intended. Our advanced, fully-automatic equipment facilitates you in producing your products at high capacity, while retaining your traditional recipes and processing times. Your customers can once again enjoy the unparalleled taste sensations of the past. Because bread used to taste so much better!


Buns and rolls

NewCap is a leading manufacturer of production lines for buns and rolls all over the world. You achieve superior performance when you utilize our equipment. Our production lines are suitable for most crusty or soft buns and rolls. Our daily effort and expertise enables us to produce state-of-the-art equipment. Our production lines are future proof so that you can continue to meet the ever-increasing demands for buns and rolls.


Puff Pastry & Danish products

The world of pastry products is dynamic and constantly on the move. Whether you produce proofed or unproofed pastry products, chocolate croissants or classic croissants. NewCap can facilitate you with a 100% automated production line.

Let us inspire you! Together, we seek out the best configuration for your custom-made production line, so you can meet the demands of both current and future customers.



NewCap baguette lines are fully-automatic. Our lines enable you to produce high quality baguettes, completely aligned with your personal recipe and processing times, on the smallest footprint possible.
Whether you produce long baguettes or petite pains, crusty or soft products, pre-baked deep frozen or daily fresh products. NewCap ensures a customized, high quality production line with maximum flexibility! 



NewCap provides fully automatic pie lines or single machines. Together with our engineers and master bakers we can design a complete custom-made solution for your production line, but also ensure the seamless integration of a single machine in your existing plant. NewCap solutions enable you to increase your efficiency, enlarge your capacity and improve your quality.


Cake & Tarts

NewCap created a significant number of automatic and semi-automatic lines for the production of cakes, tarts, muffins, cupcakes and donuts.
NewCap production lines are designed and manufactured according to your professional needs and recipes. Together with you, we design an efficient and custom-made solution. Whether your products are baked in foils, paper cups or baking forms, NewCap proves to be an excellent partner.

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