About us

NewCap, a company based in Oss in the Netherlands, is part of the Verhoeven Bakery Equipment Family and specialises in developing and manufacturing custom-made handling solutions for the bakery market.

As well as being a strong company that thrives on family values, NewCap is able to solve any challenge when it comes to the industrial handling of bread and confectionery products. This is the result of over 40 years’ experience in the bakery world, and a close-knit team of highly experienced, skilled and dedicated workers.

We have established a strong position due to our innovation culture and creative turnkey solutions. NewCap works with its customers to meet their specific wishes, taking into account the space they have available and their budget. This enables us to create the best possible production line configuration. NewCap comes into its own when developing complete production lines, all of which are tailored to our customers. Our sales engineers develop customised solutions, with production taking place at our impressive 17,000 m2 engineering works in our factory.


All our bakery production lines are assembled and tested thoroughly before being sent to their destinations all over the world.
A perfect product for the customer, high quality, reliability, fast delivery times, and innovative techniques: that’s what NewCap is all about!