NewCap can offer you the right solution for any type of product.We have the following solutions for removing products from a baking form:

The In-line Vacuum depanner is the one we we typically supply to industrial bakeries. This type of depanner can handle large quantities of almost all types of loaves, buns and rolls. If required, we can deliver this unit with an integrated in-line delidding function.

We also have the Pick & Place depanner, which consists of a pick & place module that can be executed with a suction plate or with a special needle bar. This module is ideal for removing bread from a baking tin in a vertical movement.

We developed a scrabble depanner especially for soft buns and rolls baked on a flat baking trays.
This depanner gently “scrabbles” your products from the baking tray onto a conveyor belt fitted with a small nose radius take-over. The scrabble depanner is a very silent and energy saving solution.

Our push depanner is specially designed for baked products on baking trays. An arm gently pushes the products from the tray and brings them to the product discharge conveyor.

Some products need to be depanned by means of a tilting depanner. Depending on the capacity, one, two or more baking forms enter the machine. A solid frame with a tilting function turns the baking forms and places the products on an integrated product discharge conveyor. When the depanned products leave the depanner, the empty forms are turned upside down and sent back to the beginning to repeat the cycle.

Baking forms are transported into the depanner one after the other. A plate with free movable suspend pins is lowered above the baking trays with baked products. The pins are lowered onto, besides and/or in between the products. As soon as the product discharge conveyor is free, the depanner will move the products from the baking trays onto the product discharge conveyor.

As soon as the baking form is empty, the baking form will be conveyed out of to the depanner so the cycle can restart.

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